Supporting the Rights of Kentuckians with Disabilities 
Supporting the Rights of Kentuckians with Disabilities

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Our Mission:

To protect and promote the rights of Kentuckians with disabilities through legally based individual and systemic advocacy, and education.

Who we are and what we do

Protection and Advocacy (P&A) is an independent state agency that was designated by the Governor as the protection and advocacy agency for Kentucky. P&A's staff includes professional advocates and attorneys. We are advocates working together with people who have disabilities to promote and protect their legal rights. Through our information and referral services, we try to answer questions about your rights under disability laws.

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P&A Comments on Kentucky HEALTH, 115 Waiver Proposal


We have been asked by Commissioner Miller from the Department of Medicaid Services to try to identify all of those consumers who have been dis-enrolled or lost benefits and have not been able to regain them yet/for April. 

Please circulate this NEW short survey, with any and all of your relevant professional and social media networks. It is imperative that we try to reach as many folks as possible so that benefits may be reinstated, once the system is improved, based on the information they provide. 

If you know of folks without internet access to fill out the survey, please call 502-974-1504. We will be happy to complete the survey and gather their story and information by phone, at their convenience. 

Thank you for your assistance in this important work!


AJ Jones, M.Ed.

Campaign Coordinator/Policy Analyst

Kentucky Voices for Health

From Cabinet for Health and Family Services                   March 30, 2016
To the Department for Medicaid Services to providers/partners

The Department for Medicaid Services is aware of issues with the new benefind system, which processes all benefit programs administered by the Department for Community Based Services.  It has resulted in discontinuation letters being sent in error or the system incorrectly showing an individual as ineligible.  The Cabinet for Health and Family Services is taking action to ensure that no individual loses benefits as a result.  If a person was eligible for Medicaid benefits in March, the person will automatically be eligible for benefits in April. 


The Cabinet and DCBS are working with its technology partner, Deloitte, on system issues to stop the incorrect notices and properly reflect eligibility.  Medicaid requests that providers continue to provide necessary services and prescriptions to members during this time.


The University of Kentucky’s Martin School of Public Policy & Administration reports that it can be beneficial for a state to suspend rather than terminate Medicaid enrollment for individuals involved with the criminal justice system. You can read the report here.



Go here if you would like to view P&A’s initial thoughts on the Transition Plan. Thank you to the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law and the National Disability Rights Network for helping us with this document.


Public Comment Form - Please print out and Fax to 502-695-6764


SEEKING APPLICATIONS!!!   Kentucky Protection & Advocacy (P&A) PADD Advisory board is seeking out applications for potential members.   We are looking statewide, but are in need of more representation in the Eastern and Western Regions of the state.  All ages are encouraged to apply!  If you are interested in applying to become a member of the PADD Advisory Board, complete the attached application and submit to Camille Collins at Kentucky Protection & Advocacy.  If you have questions regarding membership or the application process, you may contact Camille at 502-564-2967.  DEADLINE is September 31, 2016. 

Kentucky P&A is a federally mandated, state agency, whose mission is to protect and promote the rights of individuals who have been discriminated against due to a disability. Federal law requires P&A to have an Advisory Board that advises P&A on policies and priorities to be carried out in protecting and advocating the rights of individuals with developmental disabilities.  The Protection & Advocacy for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PADD) board is comprised of individuals with a developmental disability, as well as, family members of individuals with a developmental disability.   Membership consists of not more than seventeen (17) citizen members appointed by the Division Director, Jeff Edwards, for three year terms.  Meetings are held quarterly in November, February, May and August.  Attendance at these meetings is required.  There is funding available for members travels, lodging, and care attendants.  

Additional responsibilities of an Advisory Board member are:        

            Attend and participate in quarterly meetings

            Serve on various committees

            Respond to proposed legislation

            Assist with outreach activities performed by agency

            Be focused on issues facing all individuals with disabilities

            Keep agency informed of barriers facing individuals with disabilities

            Follow Robert’s Rules of Order


The PADD Board Belief Statement

The Protection and Advocacy for Developmental Disabilities Advisory Board believes that all Kentuckians have the right to live, learn, work, worship, and socialize in the home and community of their choosing. We believe that all Kentuckians have the right to live a life of dignity and equality, and to experience true inclusion in the community. We believe that Kentuckians with developmental and intellectual disabilities have these same rights. We believe that having to attend schools, programs or places of worship chosen by others, or being forced to live in institutions by guardians or parents or other family members is no choice at all. We believe that Kentucky has a responsibility to commit to a true system of community support. Without these supports, people are forced to live in institutions at a higher costs, without privileges, and with the increased likelihood of abuse and neglect. We believe that Kentuckians with developmental and intellectual disabilities should engage in meaningful work and be paid a competitive wage. We believe that Kentuckians with developmental and intellectual disabilities can have their needs for mental health services met in the community, and that long term institutional placement is unnecessary. We believe that the system must be responsive to and respectful of the needs, wants and desires of Kentuckians with developmental and intellectual disabilities. We believe that all Kentuckians with developmental and intellectual disabilities can be successful with the appropriate natural, community and professional supports.

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